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2022-10-15 19:00 - 2022-10-23 11:00
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1150 kr.

Motiv: Guds Moder fra Konevits.
Se foto på Skovhusets hjemmeside:
Helena har erfaring som underviser på kursusafdelingen på det ortodokse kloster, Valamo, i Finland. Kurset er for øvede og let øvede, dog med to pladser for nybegyndere. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk, men vi hjælper hinanden med at forstå instruktionerne. Der vil være daglige andagter ved kursuslederne
Materialepris: 500 kr. Kursuspris: 6.500 kr.
Kursusledere: sognepræst og ikonograf Pernille Svendsen, 6617 6633 og tidl. sognepræst Kirsten Clement, 2872 1144.

Helena Saaristo-Parovuori skriver:
The course is suitable for those who are interested in traditional
orthodox icon painting, and especially for those painters who master the egg tempera painting technique enough, or have painted at least some icons.
By side of the practical painting work even gilding with leaf gold is possible to be done on the icon (= oil gilding).
Most of the time on the
course is dedicated to the practical painting work. We’ll anyway go through the theology of this icon, and what is also technically characteristic especially for this holy image.
The Mother of God Konevits is one of the most well-known and beloved icons in Finland, reason for that maybe that it is also the most well-known wonderworking icons, too.
The icon, which is nowadays considered as original, late 15-16th century, is located in Valamo Monastery Heinävesi, on the right side of the altar in a place of Honor.
Many people have experienced that their prayers have been answered in a special way when they have prayed in front of it. (Venerating icons has nothing to do with magic, the icon itself does not do any miracles, but for some reason it is able to act as a medium of God's grace and becomes an object of reverence and veneration by the faithful.)
History of the icon goes to Athos, Greece, where from the founder of the Konevits Monastery, father Arseni, came to the north in ca 1390.
Konevits Monastery is situated on the same lake, Ladoka, Karelia, where was the Valamo Monastery, too.
During the II Word War Finland lost those monastery islands to Russia and both of the monasteries were evacuated. The monks of the monasteries finally found their new home from Heinävesi, where to the icon came, too.
The type of the Mother of God of Konevits is usually classified as Hodigitria-icon, but in slavic literature it has a class of it´s own: “Konevitskaja ili gulobitskaja”, Dove Icon.
The icon has been subject to a wide range of research and study, so, we know a lot about it´s colors technology as well the steps.
From my behalf warmly welcome to paint this icon and get to know, at the same time, a little bit more of the history.

Arrangør: Skovhusgruppen


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